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thelonelyvagabond asked:
happy birthday!! I hope its great!!!

It was alright thank you!! Xxx

hannahismyharto asked:
Happy birthday Georgia! 😃😃💟

eeee thank you xxxx

writeinmadness asked:
happy birthday, lovely!!!

Thank you gorgeous xxxx

inbirg asked:
Happy Birthday Toooo Yoooooooou!

Thank you sweetheart xxx

happy birthday to meeeeeeee


sometimes i wonder if some days Hannah Grace and Mamrie wake up, see the fandom falling to pieces and are like “wait what did i do?!?!?!!!!!???”

and then they’re like “…oh yeah, hartbig”

Facebook just suggested Maggie’s personal Facebook to me under “people you may know” and I’m sat holdin my phone like wait what how when what why huh how excuse me what is this real life what???? letsmakeloaf

Anonymous asked:
georgia aka hart-oh no more description needed 😏




when’s our wedding?

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you.

knew it, everyone else can back the hell off

Screw bamy it’s all about gamy I mean that ship name is on point



I really really love hart-oh

and I just really love you

tbh guys i’m on tinychat right now and this is a rare occurrence quick come on over an see me before it’s too late and you never get the opportunity to see my face ever again